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We've been helping small to mid-sized businesses in North Carolina stay secure and optimized since 2000


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We cater to Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Hope Mills, St. Pauls, Lumberton, and Stedman, North Carolina


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We believe that every business' IT budget should be a budget for growth, not just for necessary expenses. Technology should make things easier and help businesses get products to customers faster, not be a waste of resources. By optimizing systems, your IT infrastructure essentially becomes a well-oiled machine that works seamlessly and ceaselessly.

That's why we're on a mission to provide unique, result-producing technology solutions for all the businesses we work with. We're more than just a group of IT experts - we're happy humans that help businesses with a warm friendliness about us. Under our NetSure umbrella of IT management and services, businesses are able to focus on growth.

Since 2000, SMBs have relied on our

IT management...

We help businesses make full use of technology, optimize their systems and be able to grow sustainably. We enable businesses in North Carolina to take advantage of our 50+ years of IT experience and access the world-class services we provide. The goal of our NetSure umbrella of IT services is to help your efficiency and give you the confidence that your business is (and will consistently be) secure and efficient.

Being a veteran-owned company, our founder served in the Air Force in network security operations and has instilled a service-first culture into the team.  Not only that, our helpdesk support is amazing, they strive to fix your issue in record time - mostly right on the call! Our customers are always telling us how happy they are with our service.

  • ARC Consulting provides an unmatched level of network security, efficiency, and operability.
  • We proactively monitor your network to avoid costly downtimes and data loss.
  • Our NetSure ARChive service guarantees the safe and secure storage of your data.
  • When disaster does strike, we provide rapid file recovery services.

Meet our Executive VP; Adam Coon

Before ARC Consulting Group was founded in January 2000, Adam was a team leader of the United States Air Force's "Scope Network" unit at the Air Force Communications Agency headquarters at Scott AFB, Illinois. In 1999, he established the Department of Defense's Computer Network Security systems under the direct order of the Secretary of Defense in Washington DC.

In 1994, Adam held the position of Network Engineer at Pope AFB's Base Network Control Center. He designed a network backbone upgrade solution that was used at Pope AFB and other Air Force bases around the world. Adam moved to NC in 1989 and went to UNC Pembroke. He graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering in 1993.

After he graduated, he married his high school sweetheart, Omayra and then he was commissioned into the U.S. Air Force.  Adam and Omayra have been married for 29 years and have two grown sons.  One graduated from Liberty University in 2022, and the other is currently a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in their pre-med / biology degree program.

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We would never try to get rich by making things complicated for you. We tell all, in a way you would understand.

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